About iMedications

Do you forget to take the medications? iMedications is an easy to use medication management app to help you remind and keep track of your Medications - your pills and vitamins.
According to a new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association, E-reminders improve medication adherence in patients with chronic conditions. Carry around iMedications in your iPhone , iPod Touch, iPad all the time to keep on top of your medications, to keep you healthy.


EASY and INTUITIVE interface for tracking Dosage, Frequency, Rx and Refill info.
REMINDER ALERT: Remind patients to take their medications on time. If a patient forgets to take the medication, a notification alert is sent as a reminder.
DOSAGE history: Record the time, the medication is taken. View all historic data.
EMAIL and SHARE your Medications records with your Doctor. You can also email to your self for backup and sharing.
Improves Medication Adherence of patients with chronic conditions
Medication reminding tool for patients
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No Internet Connection required, all data is stored locally for your Privacy and Security.
No monthly subscription fee (unlike other iphone apps)
Quick access to your data.
MONITOR changes in medications over time.
Medication adherence app.
Ultimate App for Medication Management and Monitoring.
Useful for tracking compliance rate for drugs.

For any issues with the app or request for new features, please email us at support@ihealthventures.com.
We look forward to your feedback and suggestions.: